Advice from someone with an anxiety disorder

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Advice from someone with an anxiety disorder ;

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Forty million American adults are affected for an anxiety disorder, which is the most common mental illness in the US, according to the National Institute of Mental Health . If you are one of 40 million dollars, this is what someone who has suffered from anxiety would like you to know.

1. Take care of your physical symptoms to remember this:

  • Stop :. Take a moment to stop
  • Breathe :. Take deep breaths
  • Distract :. Find something to distract you, like listening to one of your favorite songs
  • Relax :. Choose a safe, relaxing activity to reward yourself for getting through the panic attack
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When you are having a panic attack, if you can remember to take these steps, you can learn to manage their anxiety.

2. Do not put too much emphasis on self.

is easy to become self-absorbed, when there is so much to worry about and you can start to be consumed by negative thoughts. Try the contrary, putting his attention on other things, like being in contact with a friend, find things that inspire you, or trying an activity that has never been done before.

3. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

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It is important to have people who can speak and who will support you, as a friend, family member or therapist. There are also a number of online resources that can help indicate what anxiety disorders and what you can do about it.

4. Do not allow your anxiety to define you.

Set goals for yourself, find out what is blocking them, start taking steps to break what stops you, and go after them.

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