Signs of Addiction smartphones

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Signs of Addiction smartphones ;

Most can not remember what it was before we had smartphones. It seems inconceivable how we handle everyday life, especially when trying to meet someone or lost.

tries to explain society without smartphones for a child lying on our distant digital west and that basically is going to sound like an old timer describing the code Morse.

Before smartphones, when young minds were molded, it was sex, drugs and alcohol were the main concerns for parents.

Today, the signs of addiction smartphones are what parents may want to be in the search as well. This dependence could be as harmful as others.

However, it may be difficult to perceive children are hooked on smart phone addiction when some parents can not even get your nose out of your own device.

Electronic belt

There are about 5 million mobile phones, with 1.8 million are smartphones. Because the smartphone is able to do so, their propensity to creating a dependency is amazing.

Even the most technologically obsolete need a cell phone, because it is virtually impossible to live without a one. With such confidence forced the 1.8 billion who own a smartphone potentially can become addicted to your device.

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It is estimated that many users check their smartphone 150 times a day, even on holidays. This electronic belt can affect the brain similar to drugs, alcohol, caffeine or almost any other addiction, if you abuse it.

The Journal of the Korean Data and Information Science Society (Vol. 23 Iss. 5, 2012) cited a study addiction to phone intelligent mental health, campus life and personal relationships.

It is concluded that in his summary of the effects of addiction smartphone are very real-mental health, personal relationships and life within social circles can It is adversely affected as with other, more traditionally recognized addiction.

almost as important as a friend

Simply knowing the smartphone is available can shout addiction. Almost 30% of users admit feelings of helplessness without him and just over 40% of exposures nervous anxiety when they are separated from their device.

Make a smartphone user constant the last time they were without their digital friend and one in four will be disoriented. One in ten confess that needed to be reached during private moments.

60% of text during class, 24% while driving and 25%, while eating.

These are some of the many signs of addiction smartphone. Check yourself or a loved one and determine if it may be necessary to wean the cyber sauce.

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Smartphone addiction rehab

Once he realized that something must be done to stop smartphone addiction, then a couple of practical exercises you can try.

Twenty days is about the amount of time it takes before kicking the smart phone addiction may be possible.

If this addiction seems too hard to handle alone, seeking professional help may be necessary to consider.

The Quiet Place Time

Choosing a location of loneliness is essential to reconnect with activities not electronic and stop addiction smartphone. It is also a “quiet time place” where one can sit quietly and calm internal chatter.

No telephone or any electronic device is allowed here. It is a comfortable space away from televisions, radios, gaming centers or any other distraction.

This should include natural light, soft cushioning, good ventilation and a comfortable temperature setting.

read or meditate are the “applications” of real life in time, quiet.

Social selfie Withdrawal

Another sign of addiction smartphone is the constant movement of autofotos. To stop this behavior designate a time when social media messages are not allowed.

This should be a good amount of time, like four or five hours. Take and save autofotos during this time that was published later also is not allowed.

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Rise Old School and the rest

People used to get up in the morning and gradually assimilated to day. Before sleeping, slow and naturally fall into a dream was how it was done.

Now, many people just open their eyes and much less set their feet on the ground until you check your smartphone.

According to Huffington Post

“Thirty-eight percent of smartphone owners reported falling asleep with a smart phone or other digital device in bed with them … Smartphone use late at night has been associated with less sleep, less participation in work and exhaustion in the morning. ” (10 / 17/14)

Decide on a time frame in the morning and afternoon, when control of your smartphone is out of bounds. This will free to enjoy some time alone or time with the family instead of being obsessed with your device.

is important to remember that even and especially during periods of addiction smartphone, security technology must always be a priority. Maintaining safety habits smartphone use can minimize the power in such an addiction can have more than one individual.

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