Parents: Make as important as your physical health adolescent psychological health

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Parents: Make as important as your physical health adolescent psychological health ;


is easy to focus on the physical health of a person on their psychological health. In fact, it’s so easy, because that is precisely what our entire society. People tend to give their attention to what they can see and measure. But what is not seen, for example, the health of the mind, is often dismissed. Moreover, it is common for people to judge and ignore what they do not understand. And the mind, along with many diseases, remains a mystery to many people.

This might be true for parents of teenagers. Although adolescence is a time of incredible growth, it is also a time for the incredible vulnerability. The adolescent brain is growing in huge ways. However, that growth also makes them vulnerable to mental illness. For example, when a teenager does not receive the validation that he or she needs from teachers, friends and loved ones, it is easy for him or her to develop confidence low self esteem, low self-esteem, and thoughts of self-rejection. It is easy for a teenager to socially off if he or she does not feel confident and sure of himself. This experience could contribute to depression, which is a growing psychological illness worldwide for both teens and adults.

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Teens are growing in many areas of your life – physical, emotional, psychological and social. A teenager is growing into the person he or she can become. As important as physical well-being of a teenager and growth, a vital part of adolescence is the discovery of an adolescent identity. For a teenager, this could mean finding out who is one outside the family. For example, if all members of the family is a doctor and his son wants to be an artist, the development of this part of himself of a teenager needs to be encouraged. An unfortunate example of this is highlighted in the film, Society Dead Poets’ . This is a film about a group of children in a private school that face enormous pressure from their parents and the prestigious school you are attending. A young boy, Neil, he discovered his love for acting and I was very happy at the opportunity to play a role in the school play. However, his father refused to let his son act and instructed Neil he sent him to a military school, so that later could go to Harvard and become a lawyer. Unfortunately, Neil had not the courage to confront his father about his love for acting and committed suicide instead.

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This may be an extreme example. However, the point that a teenager is incredibly important psychological demonstrated. In fact, it is more important at this stage of life. Despite their psychological health is not visible, there are markers that poor psychological health may be present. For teenagers, they may include a drop in grades, substance abuse, isolation, a sudden change of friends / peers, and / or speak of struggle or conflict.

If you are a parent of a teenager, it is always best to take your child to a mental health provider if you have concerns about your psychological well-being.

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