What it means to be young in their sobriety

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What it means to be young in their sobriety ;

Bet Leipholtz, who describes himself as a recovering alcoholic who has never had a legal drink, she writes about the challenges and rewards of being young in sobriety.


  • “thinking you’re young enough to change their ways without ending up in the same place.”
  • “witness to others, young sober people relapse.”
  • “Feeling that you are missing out on a vital part of his youth.”
  • “if you are still in college, A) struggling to find sober friends or B) learn to be good to be near without drinking alcohol.”
  • “accidentally go to an AA meeting that it is composed of all men over 50 years.”
  • “Figuring out how to respond when people ask, ‘But you’re so young. Do you think he’ll try to drink again someday?'”
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  • “Fellowship.”
  • “Damaging less.”
  • “Being able to teach the old.”
  • “Finding yourself and your passions sooner than while drinking.”
  • “saving money.”
  • “Learning the importance of putting first.”

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