How many hours of sleep is needed for optimal health? More than you Think!

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How many hours of sleep is needed for optimal health? More than you Think!;

how many hours of sleep do you need

Do you follow the old number 6 to 8 hours? How many hours of sleep do you need, really?

myths about how many hours of sleep you need

Most people say that if you get six to eight hours of sleep you’re good to go! There are also some who say get more than 8 hours of sleep is harmful to your health, Oh, where did this myth! Studies that refer to these statements do not have a high sensitivity or specificity and have poor inclusion criteria, so its reliability .. going down the drain! That’s a relief!

Indeed, there are more studies that show the opposite to be true! Sleep more than 8 hours at night has been shown to increase lifespan! One study found that those who reported sleeping at least 10 hours a night were found to live to 100 or more.

For most people, more than 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary.

For many, the number is more likely to be closer to 9 or 10 hours! Yes, that’s right 10 hours of sleep every night!

always sleep 8 hours or less, I can not do it naturally, I have to use an alarm clock to wake up and do not feel fully rested. In addition, anytime you sleep less, I notice a significant change in how I feel and my immunities down. Especially now in flu season and cold, even just one night of poor sleep, I start to feel a sore throat coming or a headache, and if I get at least 10 hours the next night, completely disappears.


How much sleep you need can vary from person to person. Someone may need 8 and another may need at least 10.

, how many hours of sleep do you need? By determine:

to determine how many hours of sleep do you need, you can use this easy method:

Every night, go to bed 15 minutes before your normally do. Keep doing this until you are able to wake up naturally without an alarm clock. When you are able to wake up naturally without an alarm clock, which is the amount of sleep your body needs.

This method works very well, especially if your body is used to getting up from a certain time, it can be difficult to let yourself sleep. Goin to bed 15 minutes earlier each night will change gradually sleep schedule.

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Why is not healthy to wake up with an alarm clock

When an alarm clock, you are forcing yourself used to wake up when your body is not fully rested and can be awaken at any stage of sleep.

There are five stages of sleep, the body is destined to awaken during stages 1 0 r 2, which is considered a light sleeper. Which means that your body must have already passed the fourth stage, the stage of deep sleep, which is crucial for body repair. If you wake up when you are in deep sleep, you may feel very tired, dazed, and have a hard time getting out of bed.

A recent study found that those who were forced to wake up too early, had higher heart rates and blood pressure, which naturally aroused. adrenaline levels increased significantly when the body suddenly awakened were also found.

should pull the alarm? Wow, I’d love to do that! Still keep my alarm clock and use it as a backup, but I have not really had to go out in a few months! I use to be totally dependent on it, and drag me out of bed every morning!


health hazards of not getting enough sleep!

I s difficult to avoid when night here or there is not enough sleep. Although this can affect your health, sometimes it can not be avoided. However, health is the most affected by not getting enough sleep night after night or several nights during the week.

Not getting enough sleep can cause:

1. immune system, increased risk of flu and colds, increased risk of infection and increased healing time needed


2. increased risk of colon cancer, breast cancer

3. increased risk of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction or stroke

4. the increased levels of cortisol, the stress levels

5. can not live that long

6. increases blood pressure

7. the decrease in cell renewal, detoxification, replacement of muscle tissue and damaged or dead cells

8. affects brain function, lower density in areas of the brain

How many hours of sleep do you need a night?

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