Massaging the skin daily for Health Benefits

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Massaging the skin daily for Health Benefits;

Massage Your Skin for Health Benefits


– The skin massage stimulates the lymphatic system. By massaging the skin, either with your hands or a brush, lymph capillaries beneath the skin are stimulated and the flow is increased.

-. When the lymphatic system is stimulated from massaging the skin, cortisol levels in the body are diminished and their lymphocytes, the crucial cells for the functioning of the immune system, increase

– movements gentle massage increase the flow blood, oxygen transport and lymphatic tissues and organs, stimulate the immune system, helps in detoxification, and help in regulating autonomic

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nervous system.

How to do it?

– Gently massage the skin with light pressure allowing your skin to move and stretch. Massaging the skin with small movements in the direction of your heart.

– massage every part of your body, including the trunk, limbs and scalp

-. Do this for 10 minutes at least twice a day for optimal health benefits


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