Virtual Tour ® Dementia wins US patent .. See why.

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Virtual Tour ® Dementia wins US patent .. See why. ;

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The Tour ® simulates virtual dementia Alzheimer’s disease for caregivers. 500,000 domestic and experienced professional caregivers, increasing attention and motivation. Learn about approval of the patent. Look how it works.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark granted patent # 8,388,347 of P.K . Beville for its Alzheimer’s and dementia training program known as sensitivity La Tour ® virtual dementia. 500,000 in 17 countries have experienced La Tour ® virtual dementia scientifically proven to build a greater understanding of dementia through the use of patented sensory tools and manual method is is.

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according to the Patent and Trademark United States, a geriatrics specialist Beville awarded “Systems and Methods for simulating effects of age-related cognitive or physical impairment “provides” a system to allow a user to experience a simulation of a medical condition related to age. ” US Patent No. 8,388,347 the relates to certain components, elements and functions of the virtual experience dementia Tour ®.

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Thanks to the Virtual Tour ® program dementia, health professionals, family caregivers, employers, consumer advocates, first responders and educators are able to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges faced by 5.3 million Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In June 2013, he presented himself to the people of the United Kingdom and Member of Parliament experience the VDT.

“The solution to Alzheimer’s disease today and in the near future is to develop a better and more personal understanding of the challenges of everyday people with the disease face,” said PK Beville, MS, founder and CEO of Second wind dreams. “The Virtual Tour ® Dementia program is the tool that makes understanding possible.”

“The US is asleep at the switch while waiting for the magic cure for Alzheimer’s disease that is still decades away,” he Beville indicated. “We have to take stock of the here and now and develop a deeper understanding of the minds of people with the disease understanding. The virtual dementia Tour ® program really sets the standard for creating greater awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and sensitivity for people with dementia “

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Proceeds from the sale of virtual dementia Tour ® program will support Second wind dreams, the international non-profit organization recognized as the first in the country that is committed to changing the perception of aging through the realization of dreams for the elderly.

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Beville was assisted in the process of patent application by the Atlanta office of Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton LLP. For more information, visit .

about Second Dreams Wind
Second Wind Dreams is an international, nonprofit organization committed to changing the perception of aging through the realization of dreams and educational programs that help doctors understand the physical and mental challenges that face people with dementia. Founded in 1997 by award-winning PK specialist in geriatrics Beville, MS, the organization based in Atlanta is recognized as the first in the country that focus on improving the quality of life of the elderly and changing social perception older people to realize dreams. Affiliated with more than 500 communities care for the elderly across the country, second air Dreams has made thousands of dreams come true for older people living in the United States, Canada, India, Israel and other countries around the world . Its innovative educational program, known as the Tour ® virtual dementia, is a scientifically proven method of training designed to build sensitivity and awareness in people who care for people with dementia. For more information about Second Wind Dreams visit or @SecondWindDream follow Twitter.

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