How to Lose Weight with Water

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If you are looking for the safest way to lose those extra pounds and then go into the kitchen and drinking water to your heart’s content. No friends, are not joking, because it is a proven fact by researchers. According to research conducted by the Board of Food and Nutrition Institute of Medicine recommended water intake of all food and drinks for men should be 15 cups (125 oz.) And women must be 11 cups (91 oz.). Water consumption is affected by many physical factors such as age, sex, physical activity, weight and height.


A study has found that the intake of water before meals helps you lose weight. This shows that adults and middle-aged people who drank two cups of water before each meal has lost four pounds more than those who drank water before meals. ingestion of water before the meal gives the body a feeling of fullness that makes you eat less means less calories in the body.

According to naturopath Dr. Wilhelm Katrina if a person drinks water before and after a meal 30 minutes then water helps in digestion of food more efficiently because it helps keep stomach acid concentrated. Then we will tell you how you can increase your water consumption lose some weight .

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Drink water at two-hour intervals

taking water at intervals helps your body get rid of extra water weight and replenishes remains. If you only drink water, then you can reduce the amount of other fluids in the body so the body retains water weight. According to the Riverside Health System, the color of the urine indicates that if you need water or other liquid. If your urine is dark in color it means your body requires more liquid than water, but if it is light in color, then it is a sign of good health and only needs a glass of water about every two hours. It is recommended to drink a glass of water after urinating so that your body stays parts.

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drink mineral water

Yes, the water is tasteless but it means you have the opportunity to mix your favorite flavor in it. But try to avoid counterfeit or non-caloric sugar sweeteners zero as the compounds in the sugar sweetener back in the regions of the brain response and therefore leaves no impact on weight loss. Wilhelm suggest that the mineral water over drinks with artificial flavors, because it is naturally flavored and benefit your body in two ways. The mineral water improves the taste and increase the density of bones in the body.

lose weight with green tea

Green Tea is rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids that improve metabolism. To combat the summer heat sipping green iced tea without any sugar sweetener that this false can ruin your plan weight loss . You can ass fresh lemon juice or soda water to improve the taste.

Replace carbonated drinks with sparkling water

Sparkling water or sparkling water can put out of cravings for carbonated drinks who have a high sugar content. But if you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), then you should avoid carbon dioxide gas in the water can cause gas and bloating.

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Treat Agua Fresca

Drink Agua Fresca which it is contains a combination of fruits, flowers, seeds or mixed with sugar and water to make light soft drinks cereals. You can do Agua Fresca fruit by adding grapefruit, oranges, watermelon, raspberries or lemons into a pitcher of ice water that enhances the flavor. You can also take fruit and vegetables that have a high content of water instead of flavored water. You can use your taste of water with organic products instead of inorganic chemicals that can add calories to your body.

take water rich foods

can take foods that have a high percentage of water in them like watermelon, which has 92% water and 6% of sugar. There are other fruits such as strawberries, grapefruit, melons and watermelons. green leafy vegetables are also rich in water, minerals and fiber that aids digestion and thus helps in weight loss.

Reduce salt intake

Avoid eating processed foods like canned or frozen foods, potato chips, ready to eat foods, as they are rich source sodium. Reduce your intake of table salt when you increase your water intake as sodium helps increase water weight. This means that if you take less sodium will lose more weight.

water making tastier

In addition to the fruit, Agua Fresca , hot and cold soups can also do wonders for your weight. You can have cold soups like gazpacho (raw vegetable soup tomato served cold) and melon soups. You can try the hot soups and vegetable soup, broth, soup Minestrone (Italian vegetable soup, which is thick in texture, plus pasta or rice), lentil soup, etc. Another method is that you can make by mixing pureed soup cooked with vegetables and broth. Make sure your soup has low sodium content in it.

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Herbal supplements

may be considered additive for water or herbal supplement to balance the electrolytes in the body. When you are taking a diet of pure water, no sweetener or food is recommended, but you can take natural salts or herbal supplements that help in preventing water intoxication.

You can try the methods suggested above to lose weight, but it would be more effective if taken up some exercises and low-calorie diet. This will make your body fit and healthy. You can dock the restricted calorie diet and water. If you are taking an intake of 16 ounces of water before each meal and limit the intake of calories, which is 1200, while for 1500 women for men then you can lose more weight in less time and even maintain your weight for a long time. In addition, practices yoga and weight training gives you a general physical condition that makes your body look slim and attractive.

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