5 reasons why women gain weight after marriage

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5 reasons why women gain weight after marriage ; weight gain

The wedding is over and it’s time to settle into their new home, learn new house rules and adjust to live with a new set of people. While most brides-to-be go on a weight loss diet to look stunning on D-Day, they often tend to put on weight post marriage. New research also supports the assertion that couples gain weight once they marry. If you are newly married and wondering what the cause of her expanding waistline is, here are some answers. nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar celebrity in his book “Women and Weight Loss Tamasha ‘explains some reasons why this happens especially with women.

Your diet is going for a jog

Weddings take a toll on your body as you eat meals made in large quantities for hundreds of people and odd hours. Just after the grueling three-day long affair go for your honeymoon, where again eat food out. Not only this, because it is a new house, you have to adjust to daily programming that adds to the stress. A bad diet combined with stress means loss of nutrition. So essentially, they gorge themselves of calories, but do not give your body the essential nutrients. This results Vitaman B deficiency, calcium, etc. leads to cravings at odd hours and lack of energy. And one wonders why suddenly put on 5 kilos. Read -. how to lose weight thighs and hips

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Your eating habits change

Perhaps the first thing a newly married woman has to do is cook for his new family. Your body is accustomed to a certain style of cooking in terms of spices used, taste, etc., but is likely to change this to impress your in-laws and my husband and adopt their cooking methods. Your body reacts to this by altering your digestive pattern. And if it is an intercultural marriage, which might have to change your eating habits completely. A Punjabi woman married to a Bengali man suddenly have to start eating rice and fish post marriage. All these changes make the weight gain. Here are 10 Indian foods to help you lose weight.

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You eat more often

The ‘newlyweds’ label means you have the freedom to leave and excessive alcohol every weekend, sometimes during the week too! Not only that, you have several dinners to attend to meet relatives, friends, relatives, friends, extended family, etc. So more often than not, at least one meal is food outside, which is often high in calories and low in nutrients. And say no to these invitations usually is not an option. All these will soon be reflected in his waist.

Your priorities change

admit it, when you were alone can easily come your way, but after marriage, they often have to give up and let go your options. Your priorities change and are often last in your own list. So the favorite dish of her husband or eating leftovers because not want to lose the food is well cooked. Management work, housework, children, etc., along with a nebulous pattern diet can make you feel exhausted. It is likely to enjoy cravings lack of satisfaction of food and gain weight.

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You care less

Before the wedding is all about what it means to look impressive hours in the gym, portion control, and so on. But once the wedding is over and strikes of responsibility, your health takes a backseat. Women often let go and not much bother about their bodies or gym. hour fitness center is replaced by cooking time and diet as mentioned going for a jog. All these changes make you put on weight post marriage. Here are 10 simple tips to lose weight for women.

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