7 causes of pelvic pain in women who did not know about!

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7 causes of pelvic pain in women who did not know about! ; pelvic pain in women

Severe pain in the lower abdomen few days before periods is quite common. But if you suffer from frequent pain in the pelvic region, not just ignore it, because it could be an early sign of pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. And in the worst case, it could also indicate the genital tuberculosis. Therefore, stop taking these medications over the counter (OTC) to overcome chronic pelvic pain and consult your gynecologist to rule out any serious health complications, says Dr. Nupur Gupta, Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Director Well women’s clinic, Gurgaon.

1. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): This is mainly caused due to a bacterial infection of the pelvic region that affect the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The bacteria usually enter through the vagina and infecst ovaries and fallopian tubes, causing acute pelvic pain. Some of the common symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease are abnormal vaginal discharge , painful urination and / or sex, severe menstrual cramps and lower back pain.

2. Pelvic infection : One of the most common causes of pelvic infection sexually transmitted infections tract infection and / reproductive. Not only this, even the weakening of the pelvic muscles or joints can lead to severe pelvic pain. Symptoms that may indicate a pelvic infection are pain during sex , recurrent infections of the intestine, discomfort in the lower abdomen and pressure sensation in the bladder.

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3. Endometriosis: In this condition, the cells of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) tend to grow rapidly in other organs such as the ovaries, bladder, etc. known to cause infertility and various hormonal complications, endometriosis can be treated. Some of the common symptoms of endometriosis are painful bowel movements, bleeding between periods, severe in prior periods or cramps, rectal bleeding and pain during urination.

4. SII Although pelvic pain is caused mainly due to problems with the reproductive organs or urinary tract, in some cases may be due to an underlying condition of the intestine. The irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , characterized by diarrhea , bloating, flatulence and incontinence could be a key for pelvic pain in women reason as men .

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5. urinary tract infection (UTI): That women are more likely to urinary tract infections compared to men is a known fact. However, many women do not know that it can lead to severe acute pain in the pelvic region. Mostly caused by bacteria, urinary tract infection is characterized by frequent urination, pain or burning sensation when urinating, changes in urine color and consistency, odor of urine and lower back pain. Here’s more of what your urine says about your health .

6. The genital tuberculosis There is no known cause of pelvic tuberculosis or inflammation of the pelvic region. Also known as genital tuberculosis, it could be due to the transmission of TB bacteria that causes the play area, namely, uterus or vagina. Signs of genital tuberculosis include severe pain in the pelvic region, lower back pain recurring pain during urination and blood in the urine.

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7. Ectopic pregnancy: Unlike normal pregnancy in which the embryo attaches to the uterus, in the case of ectopic pregnancy , which do not ago. Implantation occurs in the fallopian tube, but sometimes, the embryo is expelled from the pelvic region such that it is partly in the fallopian tube and partly in the pelvic region. It could also lead to adhesion of the bowel, bladder or ovaries and development of the mass of blood in the pelvic region (hematocele). Symptoms include pain in the posterior pelvic region, loose motion, irritability and fever (in terminal cases).

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