Security of Women: 7 things girls should take into account when going to bars and nightclubs

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Security of Women: 7 things girls should take into account when going to bars and nightclubs ; drinking

Is skeptics out to pubs and clubs with their group of friends and it is their fear that parents let you go? Being a pubaholic, going to bars and party with your friends is absolutely fine as long as you stay safe and prudent. Here are some things that every girl should have in mind when going to pubs and discos:

  1. Turn on location mode – Enable mode location of your phone and make sure your phone is fully charged and are not running out of battery. Sending your location to your parents or local legal guardian or someone who can come to your rescue when you encounter problems.
  2. Go with trusted people – Make sure that the people who are dating are trustworthy and reliable. Do not date someone who does not know or someone who is not a close acquaintance. No date men who are not kind to women. It is important to distinguish here.
  3. smart and bold look – smart, sharp and smart look. Be quick and do not act like a girl desperate need. You have to portray himself as an acute independent girl who is strong enough to easily throw a person who is bothering bold.
  4. Do not exceed your limit drinking – The most important thing is to be aware of your limit! Do not exceed your capacity to consume alcohol. Note that you have to return home safe and you can not just hang out in the pub.
  5. Do not just sit by himself – Do not sit in your own company with a drink. Get up, dance to the music and interact with people. Having a good company will keep the willies away.
  6. Judge before approaching – When I say I do not feel alone, automatically suggests that you should talk to people. But before approaching anyone, silently judging them and see if they are really worth your time.
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The most important thing is that we will not mourn for his ex or any other problems. Nor will you get just drunk. Dancing, talking, singing, shouting, and the drink – do everything, because it is their time to have fun with girls

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