Women’s Day 2015: 6 ways women are better than men

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Women’s Day 2015: 6 ways women are better than men ; women shaving


March 8 is the day International Women.

Women have to prove themselves every moment of his life to earn the same respect as men get easier. The disparity is highly prevalent, low wages, the need to sacrifice career for family, someone who dictates what and how to wear clothes, how to behave and what to do with his life only because it is believed that a woman is not good enough compared to a man! However, it is time that we are committed to parity and an explosion of these notions. But men are really superior to women? They are women is not good enough? Well, science has the answer to this question.

# 1 Women cope better with stress

Women are better in rational thinking than men. Agreed, sobs and screams are a very important part of her femininity, but once tears that can think more clearly and can stay more composed in times of adversity settle. We’re not just flaunting this without any logical reasoning. There is no science behind it. Three hormones play a role in stress management and are the reason why men and women react differently – cortisol, adrenaline and oxytocin. When stress occurs, cortisol and adrenaline rises, raising blood pressure and glucose levels in the blood. This is where oxytocin comes to rescue, which has a calming effect because it lowers levels of stress hormones. In men, oxytocin is secreted in smaller amounts than women and therefore this puts men on the short end of the stick when it comes to managing stress. Moreover, women are blessed to have high levels of estrogen in the bloodstream that is supposed to block the negative effects of stress on the brain. Here are 10 things women do men knew about sex!

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No. 2 Women are better in relationships that hold

a lot of women who suffer from ‘commitment phobia’ is not seen, true? A woman due to psychological benefit given to her by nature, strives to maintain relationships. And if your brain is more in tune with what their past relationship, compared to men. Well, this is because the female brain is wired differently than their male counterparts. Hormones also play an important role in making the most sensitive women and perceived needs better than men relationship. Men have as much as 20 times more testosterone in their systems than women. This makes men tend to be more aggressive, dominant and more closely focused on the physical aspects of sex. Sentimental call if you want, but when it comes to lasting relationships, women have an advantage. Read more tips to build intimacy in their relationship. Here are vaporous lines 10 women love to hear when in bed.

# 3 Women are better at communication

Women are always blamed, indicating that talk too much. Well, it’s not true at all. Studies indicate that women seem to be three times more than men in one day. And not everything Jabber. They speak rational, open mind and to the point. (We’re not talking about the alien, between friends, but generally intelligent conversations). In the book titled female mind, Dr. Luan Brizendine a psychiatrist says women devote more brain cells to talking than men. Science has also shown that a woman’s brain can process and analyze thousands of other words, feelings and emotions of what can the brain of a man. Since she understands better, she is able to communicate better. Here are nine things that women notice most men.

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# 4 Women are better with finances

Women are more careful, more attentive and more secretive about finance. There have not been many cases of rash investment and financial losses to women since there have been men. This is probably the reason why household work as well in India compared to many other countries in the world, because here is usually women who manage household budgets.

# 5 Women are better at multitasking

Do not you ever give it a thought, how women manage work, home, family, friends so little effort and leave no room for mistakes. Not only that, you can iron the shirt, help a child with homework, cook dinner, prepare a business presentation and listen to the problems of his family, all at the same time, while men can only think about administration, either your home or office, one at a time. This is because, while the male brain uses specific parts of a hemisphere or another to perform specific tasks. The female brain is more diffuse and uses a significant portion of the two hemispheres for a variety of tasks. So definitely women are wired differently than men and that’s a blessing. Here are five types of women men should never date.

No. 6 Women have sharper memory

She remembers the moment she met someone, she also remembers what the actress wore what in wherein the film, he always remembers the shopping list on the back of the hand and even sometimes her heart was broken. Yes, women have a sharper memory. Studies have suggested that girls can memorize more words than children of his age. So also it makes us believe that the power of memory in women improves with age. Since studies suggest that women have better cognitive function than men, despite their low level of formal education with progression of age.

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This is no way an exhaustive list. You may have observed, women are definitely cleaner and more organized than men. And we are sure you can think of many more yourself!

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