Young women living in poor neighborhoods more likely to be obese

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Adolescents, especially young women, growing and they live in poor neighborhoods are more likely to become or remain obese in adulthood than their peers who live in wealthier localities, according to a study. The researchers hypothesize that the link between poverty and obesity is partly attributed to the lack of Exercise facilities, healthy food sources and increased stress on low-income areas. “In the long term, residential experiences of adolescents can affect their health throughout life,” said Adam Lippert of the University of Colorado-Denver, in the US .. “It is encouraging that the risk of obesity may be limited by moving out of low-income areas, “Lippert said in an article published in Journal of Health and Social Behavior . The team examined data from a national survey of students in grades seven to 12 who were followed for a period of 13 years. The team tried to understand how the odds of becoming obese varied for men and women as they entered, left or constantly living in the slums during the transition to young adulthood. (Read: 16 things obesity does to your body )

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The results showed that when teens move out of low-income neighborhoods, the risk of obesity decreased, while moves in a poor neighborhood increases the risk. And consistent living in poor areas puts young people, especially adolescent girls at greater risk of falling into obesity in the future. ‘Provide teens with resources to improve their residential circumstances when entering adulthood can positively impact your life and health “,” Lippert suggested. (Read: Having siblings may reduce the risk of obesity in children, says )

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