Poland celebrates the International Day of Yoga with gusto

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Warsaw, 21 June: Thousands of Poles they came to celebrate the International Day of yoga, not only in the capital, Warsaw, but in public parks and hundreds of yoga centers throughout the country, showing the growing popularity of the philosophy of life in India and science ancient. The Embassy of India with the help of Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IPCCI), art of living and the Polish Association of yoga schools had drawn a well-developed program in 19 major cities, including Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk , Wroclaw and Lodz, at the earliest. The preparations had started since April and Ambassador of India Ajay Bisaria, being a fan of yoga itself, they went out of their way to make history in Poland. He was helped greatly by the president of IPCCI J. J. Singh, who was selected as the main coordinator. In the Polish capital, the headquarters was a beautiful park, Palo Mokotowskie, where hundreds of people had arrived early in the morning to participate in the exhibition of art or yoga asanas.

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The program continued throughout the day, including yoga sessions for children and pregnant women. Speaking on the occasion, Bisaria expressed his satisfaction with the response of citizens and said. “Now yoga has become an important aspect of human civilization If one side is maintained at a relaxed person, it creates an environment of human understanding and peace on the other. “in a sense yoga is a way of life and the practice of yoga, humanity can achieve many new frontiers of serenity” he said. There were reports that the International Day of yoga was held throughout Poland in Krakow, under the supervision of Umesh Nautiyal, president of the Commission of India-Poland Cultural Organization (IPCC), the International Day organized Yoga

Nautiyal IANS.. “The response of the people of Krakow has been encouraging Hundreds of Krakowians participated This will help us to start regular yoga classes under the supervision of the IPCC in a . near future “similar positive reports came from Gdansk, an important Baltic city that was the birthplace of the Solidarity trade union movement under Lech Walesa in the 1980s Sunil Ahuja, president Gdansk Cultural Centre, told IANS: ‘. The response has been very positive and beyond our imagination “of Wroclaw, Kartikey Johri, a member of IPCCI sent a special report of the International Day of Yoga, mentioning the great enthusiasm of the participants. At night, all reports are likely to reach the organizing committee.

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‘is not surprising that the response to the International Day of yoga has been great. Over the past three decades yoga classes are held in many places and many of instructors, both men and women, have gone to India to learn the nuances of yoga and are now training hundreds of people here. for many it has become a business to make money too, “said Janusz Krzy┼╝owski, president of the Warsaw branch of the IPCC. ‘Solos Warsaw has more than 200 yoga centers. If all centers included in Poland is likely to touch around 800 yoga centers where people come regularly exercises and group discussions, “said J. J. Singh, the chief coordinator. Krzy┼╝owski is a indophile who has written two dozen books on many aspects of Indian culture and literature.

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